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President’s Message from David Lundberg

For nearly forty years, AACE has contributed a crucial element that spans all aspects of the counseling profession.  Today, as much as ever, assessment is a key focal point binding us together.

How human beings can prosper in a world of technology and rapid change is the issue today.  How AACE can contribute most relevantly is our challenge.  Over the past few years, our division has changed in a way that counselors often encourage their clients to change.  We have become less dependent on our parent organization.  It is apparent that this evolution and maturity will continue.

Our Executive Council provides a multi-year leadership continuum, and as we move into the next year, certain evolving goals are essential and clear.

      Professional Development – AACE held its first “stand-alone” national conference last year in Baltimore, MD.  It was a service and financial success.  This year’s conference will be held in Charleston, SC on November 11-12.


     Publications – Our publications, in particular our assessment monographs, are being used more and more.  They are a service and financial success.  Our two recent monographs, "Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing-What Counselors Need To Know" and "Parents Survival Guide to School Testing" are increasingly used by counselor educators as essential elements in their curricula.  These documents represent a unique bargain.  Ordering details are on the Resources page of our website.

     Civility – The crucial element that has motivated me, and many others, to continue with AACE over the years has been the opportunity to professionally collaborate with wonderful human beings.  This has been a thrill, and in the end, it is what makes service inspiring and ultimate financial success worthwhile.



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