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Vision:  The Association for Assessment in Counseling and Education (AACE) is an organization of counselors, educators, and other professionals that advances the counseling profession by providing leadership, training, and research in the creation, development, production, and use of assessment and diagnostic techniques.

Mission:  The mission of AACE is to promote and recognize scholarship, professionalism, leadership, and excellence in the development and use of assessment and diagnostic techniques in counseling.

Purposes:  AACE is positioned to fulfill seven fundamental purposes:

  • Administration and Management:  to provide long range planning, policies, organizational structure, operating procedures, and resources to fulfill AACE's missions;

  • Professional Development: to promote professional development which enhances competence in assessment, evaluation, measurement, and research for counselors, counselor educators, and other professionals who develop or use assessment and diagnostic tools and techniques;

  • Professionalization: to promote the professionalization of counseling through the appropriate use of assessment;

  • Research and Knowledge:  to promote the development and dissemination of knowledge regarding assessment procedures used in counseling;

  • Human Development:  to promote concern for human rights as integral to all assessment activities and to serve as a resource to counselors, counselor educators, and other professionals concerning the assessment aspects of human development;

  • Public Awareness and Support:  to promote and support public policies and legislation that advance the appropriate use of assessment in optimizing human potential;

  • International and Interprofessional Collaboration: to promote communication and collaboration between AACE and other professional organizations (national and international) in order to address common, assessment-related concerns.

Pam Lassiter joins ACA Research Award Winner, Catharina Chang and AACE Student Research Award Winner,  Danicka Hays at the 2004 ACA Convention.

To become better acquainted with AACE, please browse the History of the Association and its Vision, Mission, and Fundamental Purposes.  For reference, its By-Laws and Handbook (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2) have been included.



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